Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Well we drank champagne and danced all night..

Break out the pencil sharpeners, Jessi's back in school.

...I'm going to be as corny as I can be and open my first blog entry with the classic "I can remember line...."

But for real, I can remember last year my friend, who by the way is super cool, telling me about a blog site he joined. And started telling me how interesting blogging really was. I also remember me going on a 45 minute rant on how blogs are stupid shortly after. But here we are a year later and not only am I getting into the blogging world, I signed up for a website building class at Ryerson with my Photography program. Granted, I am not building my own website yet. I figured I would start with this and see where it takes me. I'm very new at this, and need to get start getting my name out on the internet....That's not facebook.

...Facebook is the devil.

I have a few(very small) goals to make out of this blog. I would really like a way to show people a bit about me and also show them some photos without using facebook, or email. I have more people asking me to do photo's for them, but have no way of seeing my work, or even know who I am. This could possibly be the best way. Feedback from everybody is always appreciated. The only way I know what to add/remove/improve etc, is by feedback. I'll post as much as I can...The good, the bad...and yes, even the ugly.

All photos on this site are taken and edited by me Jessi Allen unless otherwise stated.

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