Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pictures and Rants

Stellar, fall nights are back. Yes, I am still going on about fall. I really don't know what it is.

...Oh wait, I know exactly what is it. No more stupid tourists walking into everybody, no more vial b.o. smelling subways, no cars filled with hungover girls going on road trips driving in the fast lane when in fact, they're only going 75 km/h because the 2 revs and 1 shot of vanilla vodka was too much for them to handle. I can finally walk down the street to my giant green friend called Starbucks, grab my grande bundle of joy filled with 4 of the best damn shots of espresso Queens Quay has to offer without being asked where the ferry is to get to the island. I no longer have to worry about kids running in front of my car because their mother is to busy taking a picture of the CN Tower. The only 2 tiffs I have with fall is the subways are way to busy, slash filled with Toronto's stupidest people. One request people...wait until everybody else is off the subway before you get on. Seems simple enough...
Clearly it is not.

Yay, pretty flowers and a cool boat....I'm not crazy.

...And finally, my last "concern" you could call it about fall is simple video stores. I swear everybody hides inside their apartments and rents movies for 5 months. I got a weird idea to rent Drop Dead Fred the other day. I figured it would be nice and easy to rent.
Old movie right?, not many people really liked it once they grew up, mildly inappropriate for kids (don't you remember the best part "Mega Bitch"). So I came home from work stopped in at the video store in my building to rent it....figures the cheap hole in the wall video store doesn't carry it. So I left...movie-less. I went upstairs and called all over Toronto and not one god damn store had it in.
...Oh, they indeed had it. But their one single copy was "out at the moment".
They killed Jessi's 2 hours of classic comedy.
......You bastards.

To sum it up. Nobody rents movies in the summer, they wait until Jessi wants to rent it then flock to every video store in Toronto and budge their way to the front of the line. Then smirk at me on the way out.

...So, the last part I may have made up.

Anyway...I'm tired, I work at 5:30 am. So I will sign off with a few more "happy" pictures I took on Queens Quay, hopefully encourging everybody to believe I'm not crazy. JACKI.

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